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Persistence and Financial Freedom

Persistence and financial freedom go hand-in-hand when needing to discuss keys to success. Financial freedom can hardly be gained without discipline, though. While it might seem obvious to some, the thought of disciplining oneself regarding finances is often overlooked.

Today’s society is so quickly attracted to the instantaneous that the trappings of get it now, buy it now, have it now, can easily beset us.

There is a Japanese proverb that speaks to the importance of persistence. It says, “Money grows on the tree of persistence.” Did you catch a key component of the proverb? Money grows. Comparing it to a tree, though, reminds us that there are some responsibilities needed for it to grow.

Money Grows Like Trees

Trees need to be watered, and they need to be cultivated in order to grow. They get their nourishment from both the earth they are anchored in and the sky above, when it rains. So, trees are anchored and they derive sustenance from multiple sources. First things first, your money must be anchored. It must have deep roots and strong ties to proven ways to make it grow. Then, it must be watered. You must add to it and let time, persistence and discipline work together for you.
Persistence is the the act of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Goal Setting and Persistence

The course of action we wish to inspire is the ability to set specific financial goals and to see them through. We have counseled numbers of people who love to receive the financial counsel we provide. In fact, some of them even begin to do the steps we’ve outlined for them to take. But then, after a month, or two or three, we see the lack of persistence and the discipline begins to fade off. There’s no surprise, then, when their credit begins to decline and their financial status begins to suffer.
Noting this point, the key to financial success is rooted in the ability to gain and maintain financial freedom.

For instance, through persistence, you can reduce credit card debt and make significant strides in building your credit score.

Sadly, without persistence you can cause your financial efforts to be wasted and short lived, at best. It is evident that more and more people need to understand the importance of delayed gratification. Without that discipline, every immediate gain that brought some levels of joy can often bring financial hardship and headache in the end.
Do you want to see your money grow? Persistence and financial freedom will work to serve your needs over time. You only need to employ the power of persistence, delay the desire for instant gratification and watch how time and money merge to meet your needs.
The simple disciplines you can do to gain financial freedom through persistence are explored in depth at Empowering the Possibilities. Contact us today, we would love to help you!

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