Growing your Credit with Commitment

Growing your Credit with Commitment

When it comes to growing your credit, we cannot overlook the importance of commitment. Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Our journey now takes us to commitment in order to understand the role it plays in your financial success. We have learned what discipline and dedication can do for building our credit, now it’s time for the 3rd step of growing your credit leaf by leaf which is commitment.

As simple as it may sound, commitment to building your credit can mean the difference in getting a 3% APR or a 18% APR!

Yes, commitment can help you accomplish much.

Remember a great credit score is also vital to your financial state, so staying committed to the process of building or rebuilding your credit is just as important as discipline and dedication.

There’s a life lesson that is taught in the form of asking a question. It asks, How do you eat an elephant? The answer: One bite at a time. It simply enforces the idea that you tackle big projects (i.e., the elephant) by dealing with it in small, manageable chunks. And this is where commitment comes in.

Set small, doable goals for your credit repair. Commit to these small goals and you will notice that in a reasonable frame of time you will reach what was once deemed a large and far-too distant goal. So how do you repair your credit and leverage your best financial success? By making and sticking with one small, doable commitment at a time!

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