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Building Credit is Like Building a House

When it comes to building credit, it’s very much like building a house. Most importantly, we want to remind you to think of it as a blueprint. Set the right blueprint and you are well on your way to financial success.

First, your blueprint is your plan, if you will, for success. Likewise, your credit will need a blueprint just as no architectural structures can be erected without a blueprint. It serves as a model for providing guidance and details.

In that plan is all the details for successfully supporting, strengthening and building credit. Just as with building a house, you need a blueprint, to start first.

Once the foundation has been laid, you can now start the process of putting all of the core pieces together.

Simple Steps

Financial advisors have well outlined some of the steps needed for improving credit. These steps include

  • paying your bills on time
  • keeping card balances low
  • paying off debt
  • limiting the amount of new credit you apply for
  • keeping unused cards (provided that there are no annual fees)
  • immediately disputing credit report inaccuracies

The beauty of having a blueprint is that it makes all the steps simpler and it makes sure that there is alignment in bringing you toward your goal.

The blueprint keeps you on course and is a surefire way to check yourself to make sure that you are moving deliberately and intentionally toward your goal of financial freedom.

If you want to get to an 850 credit score, continue your journey with Empowering the Possibilities. As a result, when you do so, you will see results without having to get deep in debt trying to build or re-build. Successfully building your credit for your future is a journey that you will need to keep traveling.

We commit to continue on the journey with you via seminars, webinars, conferences and, of course, direct credit counseling.

For starters, you can learn how to reduce credit card debt here. This is a key step in building your credit.

The reality is, the need for understanding and properly maintaining your credit will always be, so that you are never blindsided by it. It takes time, diligence and focus to manage it effectively. In advising our clients, we remind them credit itself can be seen as an onion.

There are layers and layers to it, and just when you think you have gotten to the core, there is another layer to be uncovered. The beauty is, as you’re building credit you don’t have to uncover those layers alone. Contact us and we would be glad to help you.

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