III. Credit Rehab Clinic (Discipline)
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III. Credit Rehab Clinic (Discipline)

As we continue on this journey of discipline, wants and needs are important in rehabilitating our credit.

Credit should be viewed as a tool. It is just the way you conduct your financial life to get the things you need, such as cars, homes, technology, furniture and appliances when you don’t have the cash. We need to develop the skill of discipline, however, so that as we are on this rehabilitation journey we will not revert  to old habits (which we will discuss later).

It’s been discovered that it takes (approximately) 28 days to form a habit. Knowing this, we can start the new habit of financial discipline and in one month’s time we have begun placing the building blocks toward financial success. How does not being controlled by your finances sound to you?

Remember when you have mastered the art of discipline, the wants will not overshadow the needs. Let us begin to form the habits of discipline that lead to success.


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