How to reach your target credit score


You did it! You made the decision to build your credit and to take control of your financial freedom!

With that firm decision in mind, let’s talk about reaching the credit score that you desire. The reality is, with the tools we will provide here, you can reach your desired target.

Though it may seem like hitting a target credit score of 850 is unreachable, it’s not when the vital components are active.  In previous blogs, we talked about the three vital components: discipline, dedication, and commitment.  These are essential in hitting our financial credit score targets. At Empowering the Possibilities we want to provide value to your financial journey by offering the tools to help you master the credit score rehabilitation process. Then, we will proceed in discovering what it will take to hit the 850 credit bullseye.

Ready to begin the discovery? In just a few weeks, in October, we will host a live webinar with a Q&A segment geared toward providing answers to any financial/credit questions you may have. It would be great to answer any additional questions you may have, there. To get your questions answered, live, you can subscribe to this blog and we will send an email with all the details. There is no cost to you. The information is free. Below is a sample of some of the questions you can expect to hear answered:

  1. What is a credit score and why is it so important?
  2. Does income matter?
  3. Does my payment history matter?
  4. Does new credit hurt my score?
  5. What is a hard credit pull?
  6. What is a soft credit pull?

Once subscribed, you may submit any questions you have and they will be addressed in the October webinar (the date will be confirmed via email).

Looking forward to answering your questions there!

Credit Scores Matters


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